Fairhope First Friday Art Walk – USA Baldwin County participates in the First Friday Art Walk featuring Alumni and Student artists from USA.  Event runs  from  6:00-8:00pm  The USA Jag Tran (transportation vehicle) will be on hand to transport art patrons to and from the Eastern Shore Art Center.  Join us for a great time every first Friday of the month.  For more information visit the calendar on this site.

4 Responses to ART WALK

  1. Carolyn Durrett says:

    Do you offer any pottery classes? Can you recommend where I could find a studio?

  2. cjcurtis says:

    We don’t offer the classes but I know that there is a place here called Kiln that does. Go to this link to get more info!

  3. Linda Redlich says:

    Can you please tell me where I can pick up the JagTran for the Art Walk in Fairhope?

  4. cjcurtis says:

    Yes you can get on the Jag Tran at either the Eastern Shore Art Center or at the USA Baldwin County Administration Building at 10 N. Summit Street.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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