Campus Programs

Fairhope Film Series
The Fairhope Film Series has been a mainstay on the Baldwin County Campus for many years and offers a variety of international and independent films each year. Films are shown on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Performance Center, a nominal donation is requested.

Non-Credit Courses
The Non-Credit Courses are open to interested adults in the community without admission to the university. The courses are designed to enhance professional skills and encourage personal enrichment. A limited number of courses meet during the day, but most are offered in the evening. Courses taught in the past include: Spanish, French, Sign Language, Digital Photography, Computer skills and art.

Leadership Baldwin County
Leadership Baldwin County is a program designed to identify current and potential leaders and enhance leadership in Baldwin County, Alabama. The program unites people from various areas of the county and addresses issues from a county-wide perspective. Leadership Baldwin County offers its members a broad range of experiences and insights about the county: its people, its needs, its services, its challenges and opportunities.

Leadership Baldwin County is sponsored by the University of South Alabama Baldwin County and Baldwin County United.

If you know someone who represents a cross section of participants from business, the professions, education, organized labor, government, arts, clergy, service and community organizations, ethnic/minority groups and by gender, send the candidates contact information to Dr. Cindy Wilson.


To learn more about any of the programs listed, contact us at (251) 928-8133 or

2 Responses to Campus Programs

  1. Cathi Jones says:

    We do not offer for credit classes in Spanish but we will be offering non-credit for Fall 2013. If you are interested in the non-credit class please check back on our website under non-credit classes.
    Cathi Jones

  2. Cathi Jones says:

    Ms. Comer,
    We do not offer any digital photography classes.
    So sorry!

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